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 The raw material of PCBA production line is printed circuit board. Various integrated circuits and electronic components are placed and welded on the printed circuit board through this production line to become computer color TV. The main board of communication equipment.

The current popular SMT surface mount technology is relative to the early through hole plug technology (THT), which is to "stick" components on the circuit board, rather than plug components into the through hole of the circuit board for welding. SMT technology has been hailed as a revolution in electronic assembly.

1. Printing solder paste

The wiper is pushed forward along the surface of the template. When the solder reaches a hole opening in the template, the downward pressure applied by the wiper forces the solder through the hole opening area of the template to land on the PCB board.

2. Apply adhesive

The double-reassembled PCB plate is used to prevent the component from being installed back at the surface of the wave solder or melting at the bottom of the large integrated circuit element during double reflow soldering.

Sometimes a binder is required to keep the heavier components from moving during PCB transmission.

3. Component mounting

The process is to use automatic pasting machine to pick up the surface pasting components from the feeder and accurately pasting them onto the printed PCB board.

4. Check before and after welding

Before passing the reflow soldering, the components should be carefully checked to see if they are properly pasted and whether they are offset. Welding points and other defects shall be checked before the components are put into the next process step after welding.

5. Reflow soldering

After the element is placed on the solder, the solder on the solder pad is melted by the flow welding process of thermal convection technology, and the mechanical and electrical interconnection between the | wire and the solder pad is opened to form the element.

6. Component insertion

Installation of surface elements that cannot be attached to some machines, such as button switches for some plug-in electrolytic capacitors and metal end electrode elements (MELF), by hand or with automatic insertion equipment.

7. Wave Yi welding

Pipe-peak welding is mainly used for welding through hole mounting type components. When the PCB plate passes over the crest, the solder is exposed to the lead leakage from the bottom of the PCB plate, and at the same time, the solder is sucked into the electroplated jack to form a tight interconnection between the element and the pad.

9. Maintenance

This is an out-of-wire process designed to economically repair defective welds or replace defective components. Repair basically can divide into repair welding, heavy industry and repair 3 kinds.

10. Electrical test

The electrical test mainly includes online test and function test online test to check whether the connection of each individual component and test circuit is good or not. Then, the test will judge whether the new whole shin road guide can achieve the intended function through the working environment of analog circuit

11. Quality management

Quality management includes quality control in the production line and product quality assurance before delivery to customers. It is mainly to check the defective products, feedback the process control status of the products and ensure the quality of products to meet customer requirements.

12. Packing and sampling inspection

The final step is to package the components and conduct the sampling inspection after packaging again to ensure the high quality of the products to be delivered to the owner.

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